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  • Events are a great place to connect with like minded people from all over. Its also a chance to be around people who get it!  Gather together to meet and listen to your favorite researchers, authors and teachers talk about past, current and future issues from the viewpoint of the bible on topics ranging on geo politics, fringe, church and the end times.

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Lipkin Tours is not merely a "business" we are an ideologically-driven organization primarily working to bring groups that wish to become identified with Israel and the Jewish people with a strong emphasis on visiting the regions of Judea and Samaria.

Every tour is tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual group.

Innovative- The Land of Israel has much to offer. Our company plans and implements itineraries that combine the ultimate pilgrimage experience with visits to other important sites in Israel.

Unconventional-  Tours to Israel tend to skip certain areas in the land. we regularly visit important biblical sites on our tours such as; Hebron, Shilo and Mt. Gerizim.

Caring– We understand that our clients are not regular tourists. They are believers who love Israel and the Jewish people. In our itineraries, you will have a chance to show your love and appreciation.

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Remnant Online Fellowship

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Last Days Bible Conference

J. Isaac Gabizon

Mike Gendron

Eric Barger

April 24 - 25  2020

Calgary AB Canada

i4029 Ministries

Battle Ready


June 25 -28 2020

San Antonio, TX

Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Steven Bancarz - Russ Dizdar

 Carl Gallups - Todd Lawrence

Brandon Gallups - Drew Graffia

Pastor Caspar McCloud

LA Marzulli - Ryan Pitterson

B. James Howells - Jamie Walden

Evolution Exposed

June 27 2020

Ken Ham - Ray Comfort

Dr. Jason Lisle - Del Tacket

Emeal Zwayne - Mark Spence

Bryan Osborne - Dan Biddle

Eric Hovind - John Harris

Tim Chaffey - 


Hope Secured in Turbulent Times

Jim Showers - Steve Herzig

Mike Stallard - Chris Katulka

Bruce Scott - Dan Price

Tom Simcox

Guest Speaker

Major Elliot Chodoff

July 14 - 17  2020

Sons of Old,

Giants of Old VIII


Judd H. Burton

Michael S. Heiser

Derek & Sharon Gilbert

Greg Reid - Doug Hamp

Joe Taylor - Aaron Judkins

July 17 - 18 2020

Lubbok, TX

Go Therefore Conference 2020

July 24 - 26 2020

Lima, OH

Dr. Mike Spaulding - Carl Teichrib

Tom Dunn - Jamie Walden

Coach Dave Daubenmire

Brandon Gallups - Carl Gallups

Dr. Michael Lake - David Heavener

Russ Dizdar - David Arthur

Andy Woods - Patrick Wood

Doug Woodward - LA Marzulli

Michael Boldea - David Paxton

Tim Niewules - Preston Condra

Pastor Caspar McCloud

Steven Menking

Take on The World 2020

Aug 21 -23 2020

Marengo, OH

Thomas Dunn -  Rob Skiba

Chad Schafer - David Arthur

More announced shortly

Warrior Summit 2020

Spiritual & Physical Tactical Training Weekend

Jamie Walden

Coach Dave

Dr. Mike Spaulding

Dr. Micheal Lake

Timothy Alberino

Robert Griswold

Derek & Sharon Gilbert

Mike Kerr & Jeannie Moore

David Paxton

Sept 4 - 6 2020

High Hill, MO


STAND 2020

Defender Conference

Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Tom & Nita Horn

Joe Ardis Horn - Joel Richardson

Carl Gallups - Josh Peck 

Dr. Michael S. Heiser

LTC Robert Maginnis 

Donna Howell

Allie Anderson Henson

 Dr Michael Lake - Shelley Neese

Dr. Joshua W. Vance

Dr. Ralph Umbriaco’s

Dr. Matthew Sams

Aug 27 - 30 2020

Branson Missouri


Glacier Prophecy


Gary Stearman - Billy Crone

Jeff Kinley - LA Marzulli

Larry Ollison - Bob Ulrich

Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Sept 6 - 13 2020

Alaskan Cruise

Nephilim Mounds: Hybirds, Artelects and Prophecy

Russ Dizdar - L A Marzulli  Drew Graffia - Derek Gilbert

Streamed in:

Chief Joseph Riverwind

Gary Stearman

Sept 18 - 20 2020

Newark, OH

Understanding the Times Conference

Amir Tsarfati

Pastor Jack Hibbs

Michele Bachmann,
Joel C. Rosenberg

Pastor Barry Stagner

Sept 26 2020

Eden Prairie, MN

Compass Bible Lands Cruise

Andy Woods

Buck Storm

Bill Perkins

Dr David Reagan

Oct 6 - 20 2020

Israel, Athens, Ephesus, Corinth and Rome. 


Insider Tour

Pastor Mondo Gonzales

Daniel M Wright

Oct 13 - 23 2020


Hosted by

lipkin tours.png

17th Annual National WORLDVIEW WEEKEND

Brannon House

Andy Wood

Chris Pinto 

Carl Teichrib

Oliver Melnick

Jeff Nyquist

Thomas Littleton

Usama Dakdok

Shahram Hadian

Oct 16 - 18  2020

Osage Beach, MO

Prophecy Watchers


Gary Stearman

L.A. Marzulli - Tom Horn

Tim Alberino - Bill Koenig

Claudia Koenig

Billy Crone - Ken Johnson

Ryan Pitterson - Tommy Ice

Joel Richardson

Tom Hughes - Larry Ollison

Don Perkins - Carl Teichrib

Jeff Kinley - Michael Lake

Nathan Jones - Derek Gilbert

Bob Maginnis

Todd Hampson - Bill Salus 

Oct 22 - 25 2020

Colorado Springs, CO

Hear The Watchman

The End. Jesus Wins

Nov 5 - 8 2020

Derek & Sharon Gilbert

LA Marzulli - Bill Salus

Pastor Paul Begley

David Heavener - Joanie Stahl

Gonz Shimura - Jamie Walden

Michael Boldea

Orange County CA

Music By

The Bangos Worship Music


Israel Tour

Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat

Hosted by 

April 18 - May 1 2021


lipkin tours.png


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Ever find that after you attend a conference you end up going home all pumped up and have no one to share what you learned with? Don't forget to get the contact information of those attending the event around you as they will become your person to talk too and pray with as we try to grow personally and navigate in these crazy times we're heading into. And of course, you can always connect here as well!