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“Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” 

~ Luke 10:2

  • Do leaders and those in your churches look at you as if you're crazy when you mention the topics covered by the teachers listed in this platform? Many pastors are afraid to preach on end times, not be politically correct, or touch on "fringe" topics. Not these ones! Some of our teachers are also pastors or lead bible study. They recognize there is a falling away, an apostasy, in Western churches today. That mystical and unbiblical doctrines are tickling the ears of believers and invading our churches. If you are looking for a place that isn't afraid to tackle the issues and teach biblical truth, or just looking to supplement while still attending your own, consider learning with those below who desire to equip you spiritually, physically and mentally for the days ahead.  

  • There is also an urgency in the gospel message that can't be denied anymore. If you are new here, curious or wanting to renew your personal relationship with Jesus, click on the gospel links provided by each ministry to learn who Jesus really is, what he has done for you and how salvation is a free gift from God. 

  • Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. ~ Romans 10:9

Pastor Caspar McCloud

9:30am EST Sundays

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The Upper Room Fellowship A Place To Experience God’s Amazing Love And The Outpouring Of His Glory.

The Mission

The mission of The Upper Room Fellowship is the same mission Jesus gave his followers: Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. 

The Vision

The vision of The Upper Room Fellowship is create a community of authentic believers and to witness a city transformed by the life changing reality of the gospel, as people come to know Jesus as their lord and savior. 

Pastor Tom Hughes

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Sundays 8:30am (campus/online), 10:30am (campus), 
Wednesday 4:00pm (online) 7:00pm (campus)

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412 Church

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Let Jesus also be the example in what we teach and preach. He taught a great deal about His Second Coming and the signs surrounding it. We should, too.


Our goal is to help equip you mentally and spiritually for the ministry God has called you to in your everyday life!

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Pastor Charles Atkinson

Pastor John Haller


Fellowship Bible Chapel

Sunday at 9:30am and Tuesday at 7pm

Prophecy Update at 11:00am

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Fellowship Bible Chapel is committed to:

1) Faithful proclamation of the authoritative Word of God.

2) Consistent declaration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

3) Living for today in light of the soon return of Jesus Christ.


God's Gift

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Dr. Chuck Missler


Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written?

Dr. Missler combines his life-long love of Bible teaching with more than thirty successful years in the business world and a distinguished military career to bring you this unique perspective for attaining Biblical knowledge. In just twenty-four hours you can have a rock-solid foundation for a lifetime of spiritual enrichment.

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Pastor Billy Crone

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Sundays 9:30am, 10:45am

Wednesdays 6:30pm

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"Lifting Up The Son"

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Dr. Mike Spaulding

Calvary Chapel Lima Ohio

Sunday at 10.30am and Wednesday at 7pm

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Calvary Chapel Lima

Calvary Chapel Has Been Formed As A Fellowship Of Believers In The Lordship of Jesus Christ

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Our supreme desire is to know christ and to be conformed into his image by the power of the Holy Spirit

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Pastor Sam Jones

Sundays 10:30am & 6:00pm

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At Faith Baptist Church in Hudson, Iowa, we aim to embolden followers of Christ to proclaim the Gospel, to live according to God's moral law, and to engage the hostile culture of the world with the truth of genuine Christianity.

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Derek & Sharon Gilbert

Posted every Sunday

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A weekly line-by-line exegesis of the Bible read in chronological order.


The Romans Road is a simple explanation of the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ using verses from Paul’s letter to the church at Rome.

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Phil Baker

Live Stream Every Friday & Saturday

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or Archive

Transmitting End Time Truth



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Brandon Holthaus Headshot.jpg

Pastor Brandon Holthaus

Sunday 8:00, 9:30, 11:15 AM

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Rock Harbor Church is a Community of Believers Devoted to God's Word


Founded upon an unwavering commitment to “anchor ourselves to the rock of Christ,” we teach the entire Bible verse by verse from Genesis to Revelation, and seek to apply its truth to our daily lives in order to go deeper in our walk with the Lord.

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Pastor Tom Hughes

Hope for Our Times

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John Haller

Fellowship Bible Chapel


Pastor Billy Crone

Prophecy Bytes

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Brandon Holthaus

Rock Harbor Church Bakersfield



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“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

~ Mar 16:15

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