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Events are a great place to connect with like minded people from all over. Its also a chance to be around people who get it!  Gather together to meet and listen to your favorite researchers, authors and teachers talk about past, current and future issues from the viewpoint of the bible on topics ranging on geo politics, fringe, church and the end times.

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Lipkin Tours is not merely a "business" we are an ideologically-driven organization primarily working to bring groups that wish to become identified with Israel and the Jewish people with a strong emphasis on visiting the regions of Judea and Samaria.

Every tour is tailor-made to suit the needs of each individual group.

Innovative- The Land of Israel has much to offer. Our company plans and implements itineraries that combine the ultimate pilgrimage experience with visits to other important sites in Israel.

Unconventional-  Tours to Israel tend to skip certain areas in the land. we regularly visit important biblical sites on our tours such as; Hebron, Shilo and Mt. Gerizim.

Caring– We understand that our clients are not regular tourists. They are believers who love Israel and the Jewish people. In our itineraries, you will have a chance to show your love and appreciation.

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Remnant Online Fellowship

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The Power of Prophecy

July 17 2021

Dr. David Reagan  - Allan Franklin 

Nathan Jones - Bob Russell

Tim Moore

Allen, TX


Jerusalem in Prophecy

Virtual Conference

July 18 - 20 2021

Live Stream Coming Soon

Speaker List Coming soon


Take On The World

Aug 20 - 22 2021

Heartland Retreat Center in Marengo, Ohio

Speaker list coming soon

Kindred of the Kingdom Confernece

Aug 20 - 23 2021

Roan Mountain, TN

Coach Dave Daubenmire

John Diamond - Scott Lively

Brett Bohl - Tom Dunn

Pastor Shane Vaughn


Go Therefore


July 23 - 25 2021

Brookville, OH

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

Dr Michael Lake - David Heavener

Jamie Walden - Pastor Carl Gallups

Pastor Caspar McCloud

Dr John Diamond - Randy Conway

Coach Dave Daubenmire

Michael Boldea - Brett Bohl

Brandon Gallups - David Paxton

Doc Jen - Niel Petersen

George Carneal - Mark Sutherland

Tom Dunn - Dr Mike Spaulding

Behold He Comes

Sept 11 2021

Chino, CA

Pastor Jack Hibbs - Jan Markell

Pastor Barry Stagner - Amir Tsarfati



Aug 26 - 29 2021

St Charles, MO


Pastor Greg Locke - Pastor Tony Wood

Pastor Travis Graham

Pastor Caspar McCloud

Pastor Mike Spaulding - Mike Lindell

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - Dr. Larry Palevsky

Dr. Lee Merritt - Dr. Carry Madej

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Dr. Jim Meehan - Dr. Eric Nepute

Dr. David Martin - Clay Clark - Jim Pugh

Kevin Jenkins

And many more…

Performers include:

Brian Kahanek - Amy Loftus

North Point Worship - Anne Wilson

And many more…

The Warriors Conference Horizontal 2021[

The Warriors Conference

Sept 19 -19 2021

Pastor Paul Begley

Derek & Sharon Gilbert

Jamie Walden - Joanie Stahl

John & Chelsea Jubilee

David Heavener

Col. David Giammona

Worship Leaders:

Justin Gambino

Lori & Jacob Bango


San Diego, CA

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 10.41.10

Compass Biblelands Cruise

Sept 26 - Oct 11 2021

Israel, Athens, Ephesus, Corinth, Galilee

 Jerusalem, Cyprus and Rome

Option to Add

Florence, Pisa, and Venice!

Josh McDowell - Ed Hindson - Bill Perkins.



Israel Tour

Oct 3 - 18 2021


Derek and Sharon Gilbert

Messianic Rabbi Zev Porat

Hosted by 

lipkin tours.png

The Great Reset

Oct 16 - 17 2021

Las Vegas, NV

Billy Crone - Don Perkins

Brandon Holthaus - Tim Moore

Nathan Jones

Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 11.00.00


Insider Tour

New Date

Oct 12 - 22 2021


Pastor Mondo Gonzales

Daniel M Wright

Hosted by

lipkin tours.png

Conferences Streams Still Available

Oct 1 - Nov 9 2020

Aug 27 - 30 2020

Mar 26 - 28 2021


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Ever find that after you attend a conference you end up going home all pumped up and have no one to share what you learned with? Don't forget to get the contact information of those attending the event around you as they will become your person to talk too and pray with as we try to grow personally and navigate in these crazy times we're heading into. And of course, you can always connect here as well!